Golden Parnassus changing allowing kids

Discussion in 'Golden Parnassus Forum' started by cancuncouple, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I have read on a GP facebook that Golden is changing to allow kids. I just booked for next May.
    Steve, I don't know how involved in GP you are but, is there anyway you can confirm?
    I am going to send a email myself. I hope its not true. If so, I will be cancelling and back to TR.
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    Don't see that happening. This is a quote from someone on the Facebook page.

    "Thought I would give some peace of mind in regards to the GP no longer being adult only! This is mis-information.
    Although I am just as passionate about the GP as the rest of you, I don't post much on here out of respect because I am a travel agent. Because of this I have a strong relationship with their director of sales and this is from her not 3 minutes ago:
    "Thank you for sending us these comments but this is absolutely not true that Golden Parnassus will no longer be an adult only hotel. Not sure where the clients received this “Gossip” from. As we are one of the only Adult only hotels in Cancun, we do plan to keep it this way so we can continue to offer our clients the best of both worlds."
    Hope that this helps."
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