First Timers - Questions Ahead!!

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by Essential, Jun 9, 2023.

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    Hello everyone!

    We are planning our first trip to Temptations Cancun Resort this upcoming july (14-21). We are a gay couple, 2 males aged 28 & 31. Been together 9 years and looking to party. I had a few questions.

    1. I read that the resort is gay-friendly. Are there alot of other gay folks that goes there? Are guests fine with gay men overall?

    2. What is the comon dress code for men? Wondering for the theme nights especially. How “sexy” can men dress? What is considered appropriate and what is frowned upon?

    3. About the balcony action.. Is it okay for gay men to have some fun or is it only “accepted” from heterosexual couples?

    4. What section of the hotel do you recommend getting a room in? Is the Playful experience worth it?

    Just trying to size what is ok and what isn’t so our trip goes smoothly.

    Thank you so much for your time!

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    Welcome! While the resort is LGBTQ+ friendly, normally meet only a handful of gay or lesbian couples each trip. Men in general tend to not dress down as much or participate as heavily in theme nights, but those who do can dress pretty scantily without issues.
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    Others might elaborate more but from what I've seen so far, the crowd is just happy to let people just be their best selves. I haven't been paying too close attention but there's at least a couple M-M pairs I've seen here and nobody has batted an eye.

    For theme nights, have as much fun as you're comfortable with. As long as you have a figurative or literal fig leaf over your crotch, you're probably fine. A couple guys tonight were wearing only slightly more than the proverbial Crown Royal bag and the party just played on.

    Without getting into detail, the dress code on balconies is exceedingly casual. Overt action is verboten in all "public" areas, so maybe don't draw excessive attention. I'd like to think the gender of guests doesn't enter into the equation about enforcement.

    My room came with the "playful" experience and it seems like it's a starter package for the Premier level. So if you enjoy your time here and use the benefits (the list on the website is accurate), then maybe you'd want to look into Premier. They'll start to ask you about the presentation during check in but to their credit, they did back down after I said that I'd at least like to get through my first trip here before buying in further, and that I'd be happy to sit down with them on my next trip.

    For room type, if you're in the Tower, you'll hear music from Bash (and lights, if you keep the shade open) until 2am in case that's a problem. I can sleep through the music but that's all subjective. I can't speak to how things are in other areas.

    Hope that helps, and enjoy your trip!
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