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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by relentless, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Im trying to figure out what it cost to get into the big clubs, the city, cooc bondo etc etc.. is the only way ot get into these clubs by buying an all you can drink wrist ban? and what does it take to skip the lines? :lol:
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    Cost to get in will vary each night, depending on the promotion (e.g. ladies' night -- will cost more for guys). Can get either open bar or cover charge then pay as you drink.

    Can sometimes avoid lines by getting the Entertainment Plus card -- see link below. It gets you a discount on price to get in and you don't pay the guys on street selling wristbands -- you go right to the door to pay and get in.


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    relentless- Killer Calf Muslez., Yeah the price of club entry to the big clubs usually vary, in the spring spring break the prices go through the roof. Most clubs charge about 35-45 usd for the so called "open bar" And to skip the line $$$ talkz, just descreetly walk over to the front of the line and make your Offer
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