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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by jen***, Aug 25, 2007.

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    If you have old clothes etc that you would like to send to those in the south, please feel free to leave then at :
    Tacos Arabes Israel
    Avenue Yaxchillan
    (beside Pericos)

    By Sunday or Monday please

    They need anything you can give - clothes, shoes, baby food, diapers etc you know the drill.
    We can sit back and say 'cool the hurricane didn't hit us let's get on with our lives' but there are people who lost everything as we know. Even one item will help.
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    Here's a copy of the message I posted today on the "life in Cancun" board. The load we sent down this week was primarily clothing, but I'm sure thay can use more. You may want to contact Cat and perhaps co-ordinate the next shipments versus evryone making seperate trips. Let me know if you want her phone number. BTW she is leaving on Tuesday for Australia, but someone else here will be co-ordinating things.

    Cat Brown from PM organized a supply trip to Mahahual this week and came back with a "needs list" from the local government officials. She posted it along with photos on her BlogSpot.

    Here is her message.
    "August 23 in Mahahual - things they need

    We will try and send another truck load on Monday - things are very bad down there, they said we were the first people to bring anything!!! Army pulling out tomorrow, red cross due on Monday in the meantime..of course Electricity Commission is already on the job!
    This is what they have asked for>>>>>>>>> via the delegado FRANCISCO MARTIN DIAZ please drop off at PIXAN!

    vegetables- tomatoes, onions, potatoes, chiles, limes, apples, bananas
    milk, eggs, meat, rice, beans,
    jamaica, tamarindo
    sugar, salt, cooking oil
    gas for cooking
    cooking utensils
    gasoline for the generators
    oil for machines
    chain saw
    earth moving trucks!
    basic first aid medicines"
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    Thanks for that.
    I think the point was that there doesn't seem to be an obvious collection point in Cancun - certainly not one that everyone knows about.
    Kim pointed out in my post in life in Cancun that we can take things to Caritas, based in the Bread and Blanket shelter in Ciudad de la Alegría. So that's the plan at the moment. If you know of somewhere better in Cancun that we can take things to, that would be great.
    Thanks for the list, it makes things a lot easier as well.
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