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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by angels_among_us, Feb 10, 2008.

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    the last two trips I was not on shots but I am this time. I know I have to get a Dr's note and I can bring my supplies on the flight( this is correct right?) I think I was told I can bring all my supplies on flight. I hope this is correct as I have a massive amount of needles as I am on 6 shots( up to 8 ) a day which means 6 to 8 needles a day just for one of the meds. I am not willing to pack my insulin and check it as I am not willing to risk it getting lost or broken.

    here is my questions. I take two types one is given with a insulin pen and does not have to be put in the fridge however the one I take before all snacks, meals or drinks are not in a pen and has to be drawn and given with a needle and has to be kept cold.

    I know during the day at the Resort I can keep it in my room in the fridge. What do I do when I am doing a tour? It will ruin if kept out of the fridge and gets hot. I was thinking of pre drawling some in the syringes and keeping them on a cool pack in the locker but scared the cool pack would melt and insulin would ruin.

    We are forsure going to Xcaret full day. Is there a place I could check my meds where it would stay in a Fridge?

    Also Is there a place I could take my used syringes and needles where it could be safely disposed of while I am there? I refuse to throw them in the trash as I don't think this is safe or a clean thing to do. Here I just keep it with me until I get home from dinner and put it in my bucket but were talkin about keeping 56 syringes and needles for a week , If there is a place I could take these after they are used it would be helpful. I was thinking I could buy a syringe disposal container in cancun and then at the end of my week take it some place where it can be disposed of safely?

    Also can you buy syringes and needles in cancun? I was thinking of just buying some there and disposing of them before I left instead of packing almost a whole box of them.

    also I know there is a hospial in cancun but is there a Dr's office that would take a drop in if something happened to one of the kids? How much do they charge( if God forbid if the kids get sick and need to be seen)

    thanks everyone!! I'm sure I'll have 100000 more questions before we leave LOL this trip just seems sooo diffrent with bringing the babies!
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    ok found this

    from the chart
    Q: Can I take it?
    Diabetes-Related Supplies/Equipment, (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed) including: insulin and insulin loaded dispensing products; vials or box of individual vials; jet injectors; pens; infusers; and preloaded syringes; and an unlimited number of unused syringes, when accompanied by insulin; lancets; blood glucose meters; blood glucose meter test strips; insulin pumps; and insulin pump supplies. Insulin in any form or dispenser must be properly marked with a professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label.
    A: Yes As carry-on or checked

    so flight is taken care of now just wonder about how to keep it cool when on tours and out and about and how to despose of it safely
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    You can buy syringes in any of the pharmacies in Cancun. You don't need a prescription to purchase them.
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    thanks susan. do you know where I can dispose of them after they are used?
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