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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Laura Mapchick, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Laura Mapchick

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    Can anyone tell me the cost to make and receive calls to and from Canada on my Telcel Amigo?

    sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and didn't see it.
  2. T.J.

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    To receive calls from the US or Canada it is free. But the caller has to dial 011-52-1-xxx-xxxx, the one being the key. This has been in effect for a year or so.

    I try to use my vonage for making calls to the states but I think it is about $.50 per minute to make them from my cell; a few pesos in other words.

    I transported an office number I already had to Vonage and it works great. My buddy from NC transported his home number to Vonage and just takes his modem and computer wherever he travels and loves it. Free calls for about $30 per month which is really a net of free since his home line was costing him that anyway.
  3. CancunCanuck

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    I think the last time I checked it was 9 pesos a minute to call Canada from an Amigo phone. I never, ever use it for long distance so can't say for sure.
  4. Laura Mapchick

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    Thanks guys,
    I have a friend from Canada that I was going to loan mine to. Her Dad is sick and she wants her mom to be able to reach her anytime while she is on Isla.
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